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How does it work

How Does it Work?


Simply fill in the form above and we'll hunt for cheap energy deals available to you


We work with all major suppliers and more to provide you with the best deals in the market


The choice is yours. We handle the transfer and everything in between.


We make it simple, quick and hassle-free. Just sit back and enjoy the savings!

Why Blizzard?


We save our business customers an average of £582 per year on their energy spend!


Let us do the leg work, whilst you do you.

It's a free service! We compile the best deals available to you and present you with a clear and simple comparison quote, the decision is then all yours! We are commissioned by our chosen energy suppliers for businesses that are acquired and renewed via Blizzard, meaning we charge you nothing for our services, and you reap the benefit of all savings on offer!


We manage over £100m of energy expenditure per year for UK business customers of all sizes, ranging from the smallest high street shop, right up to international airports.

We have strong purchasing power, having built and maintained relationships with all major UK energy suppliers and more, serving the business market. We only work with select suppliers who we trust to provide the best deals and great service to our customers.


You will be assigned your own expert account manager, who will be on hand to assist you with any queries you may have and provide any support you may need.

We'll keep you in the loop. We'll ensure that you are aware of your new contract details and let you know when your renewal is due, organising your new contract at the right time when the market is favourable

Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

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Why Switch?

It's quick, it's easy and it's hassle-free!


Join thousands of other UK businesses saving money on their energy costs! Don't overspend on utilities, use your budget for the more important things.


Are you 'out of contract'?

Did you know that if you're not in an energy contract, you're 'out of contract', meaning you could be paying up to 70% more than you should be without your knowledge or agreement? We can find out if you're overspending or 'out of contract', assess the market for the best deal, and rapidly reduce your rates!

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Are you moving?

Did you know that energy contracts do not transfer from one location to another? Existing contracts automatically cease, and a new contract is required for your new space. When you first move in, you will be automatically paying 'deemed rates', these are much higher than normal contract rates. Most businesses will not find out that they are on these rates until their first energy bill arrives!

Carbon Offsetting

What is carbon offsetting?

The more a business can do to reduce its carbon footprint, the better for the planet! More and more businesses are 
choosing to offset their remaining carbon emissions by purchasing 
carbon credits. One carbon credit avoids the emission of 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere, by investing in projects such as renewable energy generation or avoided deforestation programmes. Your energy consumption still happens, and the CO2 is still emitted, but elsewhere in the world an action is taken to offset it.

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How much does it cost?

The average cost for a SME to offset their gas and electricity usage is 1% of their spend. 

So a customer who spends £8k/year on electricity and £4k/year on gas  would need to spend about £120 on carbon credits to neutralise that whole year. We will calculate your annual gas and electricity emissions and work out how many credits you will need to offset them. If you are not sure what your annual consumption is, we'll help you work it out!

What are the benefits?

> You are doing your bit to help save the environment!

> You can advertise that you offset your energy emissions -providing a strong, positive, forward-thinking message to customers, prospects, partners and employees.

> You'll receive a certificate to put on display confirming that your business has offset your gas and electricity usage for a given year 

> You'll receive a digital badge that you can add to your website and marketing material.

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Blue ribbon with stars


The Requirements 

The Code

Blizzard have been recognised as a certified energy broker who adhere to the high standards of the code. We have proven that our practices and processes provide you with an assured level of excellent service, and that we can be trusted within the industry.

This code has been designed for your protection and assurance that certified energy brokers treat their customers fairly and in a professional and responsible way. Working with an energy broker who has signed up to this code provides confidence that you will be treated in a trustworthy and honourable manner.

We're Certified

Responsible Selling
We will value our customers and treat them with respect, recognising that levels of understanding of the industry or of regulations can vary and therefore ensuring our customers are educated enough to make a decision that suits them.


Energy Contracts
We agree to ensure appropriate arrangements and SLAs for contract processing and submission and any rejections including handling of these for you.


In an unlikely situation that you wish to make a complaint, we have a straightforward and efficient process to handle these.


We will be fully audited at least once a year to ensure we are still compliant with the code.

Letter of Authority (LOA)
We will only act on your behalf once you have provided us with permission to do so using this letter, we will ensure you fully understand this first.


Our team of energy experts have passed a training programme, working to the highest possible standards for you. Staff are also assessed and trained on a regular basis.


Sales Material
All sales material will be honest, accurate and clear.


No forcefulness
We won't use high-pressure tactics or push/force you into a contract.


Laws and Acts
Alongside this code, we abide by and comply with: Data Protection Act, AUDDIS, Employment Law, Business Protection & Misleading Marketing Regulations and OFGEMs Standards.



What have others said?

Heather, Coffee Shop, Cornwall

'Blizzard were professional and easy to deal with, they are a friendly team who saved me over £600 on my annual energy spend!'


Tudor, Housing Group, Leeds

'We manage over 100 housing sites and needed a good deal for our energy contracts, Blizzard found us much cheaper rates and explained the whole process so that we could make the right choice for the business. Blizzard managed everything from quotes and recommendations to ensuring accuracy and consistency across all of the sites. Thoroughly recommended.'

Blizzard_Pop Art_Happy Man Arms Out vect

Patrick, Lighting Manufacturer, London

'I would like to thank Blizzard for their excellent service and for the way in which they handled our extortionately high gas bills, through analysing our data and understanding our needs they helped us achieve a huge saving on our previous costs and managed everything in between.'


Graham, International Airport

'Blizzard has made a monumental difference in our energy management process, they have coordinated and executed the project with great care and are a pleasure to work with.'


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